Case 10: T.L. Male 23, Food Intolerance


  • T. L. Male, 23
  • Treated with cimetidine and sulcrate
  • Intolerant to dietary fibre and fried foods
  • 3 g per day
  • > 2 years
  • Symptoms (no nausea or heaving) much improved, now able to tolerate high-fiber foods.

Case Report

T.L., male, age 23, began suffering sharp abdominal pain in 1985, and a general intolerance of foods except for rice and a few other things. He could not tolerate fibre, fried foods, etc. He was prescribed an anti-ulcer regime which caused little improvement. In 1987, he was given cimetidine and sulcrate, anti-ulcer agents. Colonoscopy and gastroduodenoscopy in 1987-88 were negative. He was also diagnosed as asthmatic, and allergic to grass, dust, trees, hair and some foods.

T.L. began ingesting N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE at a rate of 3 g per day in October, 1988. His symptoms improved in three weeks. He continued N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE treatment and reported that at eight months, his symptoms had all been alleviated, including the asthma. He continues to have some sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, which he avoids, but he can now eat a wide variety of foods including salads and high-fibre items, without difficulty. T.L. no longer suffers nausea and “heaving” each morning as he did previously and feels in good health. He has gained 5 kg and has, since 1988, successfully completed the last two years of a degree at The University of British Columbia.