Case 12: S.C. Female 45, Food Intolerance


  • S. C. Female, 45
  • Food intolerance, Gluten sensitivity
  • 3 g per day
  • >3 months
  • Reduction in food intolerance
  • Able to eat a wider variety of foods without symptoms.

Case Report

S.C., female, age 45, had been experiencing food intolerance, including gluten sensitivity. She tried various diets without much success. She began in 1989 to take N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE at 3 g per day. She continued for three months and noticed considerable reduction in food intolerance. Thereafter, she tried other diets without N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE for a year. At that time, she concluded that the N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE treatment was superior to the other dietary measures and resumed N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE treatment late in 1990. S.C. reported that daily N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE treatment enabled her to eat a wider variety of foods without experiencing difficulties as before, and that it has greatly improved her condition.