Case 2: A.D. Crohn’s


  • A. D.
  • Patient wished to try and N acetylglucosamine to avoid steroid therapy
  • 2 g per day
  • > 1 year
  • Disease went into remission. After a recurrence patient increased in the intake of N acetyl-glucosamine. Patient again went into remission.

Case Report

Diagnosis of Crohn’s disease was made on A.D. in April, 1988 and surgery or steroid therapy was proposed by the attending internist. This was refused in order instead to test N-acetyl glucosamine (N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE) as a means of possibly avoiding more drastic procedures. Up to 2 g (1 tsp.) per day of N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE was taken by A.D. and the symptoms appeared to be relieved after a few days. During the next few months, symptoms would recur after about one week if A.D.’s intake of N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE was dis¬continued. After several months of daily N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE ingestion, the symptoms abated and have been in remission for over a year, with the exception of one episode in January, 1988, when there was a temporary recurrence, but it responded to an increased intake of N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE. The disease remains in remission.