Case 7: G.O.S.O. Male 55 Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis


  • G. O. S. O. Male, 55
  • Periodic inflammation and mucosal discharge, rectal irritation
  • 2 g per day
  • 6 weeks
  • Reduction in anal mucous discharge improvement in rectal irritation
  • Patient discontinued N acetylglucosamine due to a shortage of supply. Symptoms recurred.
  • Patient restarted N acetylglucosamine at 2 g per day and symptoms completely disappeared.

Case Report

G.O.S.O., male, 55, for about three years, had been suffering from periodic inflammation and mucousal draiN-Acetylglucosaminee of the lower bowel area, a condition sometimes known as irritable bowel syndrome. For about the same time, G.O.S.O. experienced a problem with psoriasis on each side of his nose. G.O.S.O. consulted his physician to investigate the bowel complaint. The physician conducted an examination and concluded that G.O.S.O. should undergo a barium enema/X-ray examination.

G.O.S.O. attended the radiologist’s office after undergoing the prescribed two day liquid diet and the barium enema X-ray testing procedure was conducted. The results of the examination indicated that G.O.S.O. had an inflamed bowel condition known medically as diverticulitis/diverticulosis, which is a condition common for persons who are fifty or more years of age. The physician said that the initial treatment that is usually prescribed for a person afflicted with diverticulitis is a daily supplement of 4 tablespoons of wheat bran. If the supplement of wheat bran did not bring about an im¬provement, then antibiotics would be prescribed.

G.O.S.O. began to include four tablespoons of wheat bran in his morning breakfast cereal, but over the next two weeks, did not notice any significant improvement in his diverticulitis condition.

G.O.S.O. then commenced to take four 500 mg capsules of N-acetyl glucosamine per day. Within three days of commencing the treatment, G.O.S.O. noticed a very obvious significant reduction in the mucous emission rate from his lower bowel area. G.O.S.O. also noticed that the irritation around his rectum cleared up in a matter of days.

G.O.S.O. continued a daily dosage rate of 2 g of N-acetyl glucosamine for fifteen days. However, G.O.S.O. did not have an opportunity to purchase a replacement of 500 mg. N-acetyl glucosamine capsules. Within three days, G.O.S.O. noticed that there was a recurrence of the mucous discharge from his lower bowel area. Prior to that, the mucous discharge had stopped for about twelve days and there was a dramatic improvement in his inflamed bowel condition.

G.O.S.O. then purchased two 60 capsule containers of 500 mg N-acetyl glucosamine capsules and commenced treatment again at a 2 g per day N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE dosage rate. As before, after about three days of treatment, G.O.S.O. noticed a strong reduction in the anal mucous discharge rate. The problem was cleared up in about five days after recommencing treatment with N-acetyl glucosamine. G.O.S.O. continued taking 2 g of N-acetyl glucosamine per day for six weeks. During that period of time, the mucous discharge due to an inflamed bowel condition was completely terminated.

The psoriasis condition on each side of the lower part of his nose that G.O.S.O. had experienced for about three years, was treated with cortisone steroid anti-fungal creams. This treatment had been largely ineffective. After daily ingestion of 2 g of N-acetyl glucosamine for treatment of the diverticulutis, G.O.S.O. noticed that the psoriasis condition cleared up. There has been no return of the psoriasis condition.