Case 9: G.E.D. Food Intolerance


  • G. E. D. Male
  • Food intolerance, Abdominal pain and discomfort Improvement in food tolerance.

Case Report

G.E.D. is professor emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For many years, G.E.D. suffered from a variety of food sensitivities. Reactions had sometimes been dramatic, and even at one instance put him in the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The sensitivities started with orange juice, but subsequently expanded to include meat, milk products, corn, etc. G.E.D. had been able to control them, for the most part, by adhering closely to a rotation of dietary components every four days and refraining from eating in restaurants. Gradually, his symptoms abated but he still had episodes of pain and discomfort that he attributed to dietary causes. In November 1990, he received a trial supply of N-acetyl glucosamine (N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE), taking it with him on a trip to California, Texas and Florida. Whereas normally he would have expected at least some dietary and food sensitivity problems on such a trip, he experienced none. Since then, he has been much less troubled by symptoms, and these have quickly abated whenever he took a dosage of N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE.

Because of the variability of his response to food, it has taken some months to evaluate the effect of N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE, but G.E.D. is positive it helps considerably. Recently, his daughter, who has similar problems, had persistent pain after drinking orange juice. This intestinal pain responded quickly to ingestion of the N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE that G.E.D. gave her.