Use of N-Acetylglucosamine in Patients with Symptoms of IBD

Case Reports Published by A.F. Burton and H. J. Freeman
Source: US Patent # 5,229,374

Case 1: S.B. Female, 55 Crohn’s

S. B.
Female 55
Pain, discomfort, nausea and diarrhea
Usual dose 3 g per day.
Range 1 to 10 g 11 years
Marked improvement in digestion, better tolerance of foods, little diarrhea and much improved in the level of discomfort.

Case 2: A.D. Crohn’s

A. D.
Patient wished to try and N acetylglucosamine to avoid steroid therapy
2 g per day
> 1 year
Disease went into remission. After a recurrence patient increased in the intake of N acetyl-glucosamine. Patient again went into remission.

Case 4: L.G. Female 40, Crohn’s

L. G. Female, 40
Discomfort, nausea, diarrhea and intestinal bleeding
3 g per day
> 2 years
When this patient stopped taking and N acetylglucosamine, symptoms recurred.
Reintroduction of N-acetyl-glucosamine at 3 g per day the symptoms improved.

Case 11: W.R. Male 46, Crohn’s

W. R.
Abdominal pain, bloating, food intolerance
3 to 4 g per day
Symptoms much improved and can now tolerate a wide variety of foods which previously would have caused severe symptoms.ds, little diarrhea and much improved in the level of discomfort.

Case 5: R.R. Male 42, Ulcerative Colitis

R. R. Male, 42
Partial colectomy. Rectal bleeding. Used aspirin and acetaminophen for pain. Mouth ulcers
3 g per day
Lessening of rectal bleeding, but required total colectomy. Continued on N-acetylglucosamine 3 g per day after surgery, lessening of mouth ulcers, less fatigue, nausea and generally felt better.

Case 7: G.O.S.O. Male 55 Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis

G. O. S. O. Male, 55
Periodic inflammation and mucosal discharge, rectal irritation
2 g per day
6 weeks
Reduction in anal mucous discharge improvement in rectal irritation
Patient discontinued N acetylglucosamine due to a shortage of supply. Symptoms recurred.
Patient restarted N acetylglucosamine at 2 g per day and symptoms completely disappeared.

Case 6: J.F. Female. Inflamed Bowel (Diverticulitis & Psoriasis)

J. F. Female
Abdominal pain and discomfort
2 g per day,
Maintained on 1.5 g per day.
4 months
Symptoms of abdominal pain and discomfort much improved. Patient reduced her daily dose to 1/2 g and experience a mild recurrence of intestinal symptoms.
Patient increase the dose 1.5 g of N-acetylglucosamine which is sufficient to maintain her symptom free.

Case 9: G.E.D. Food Intolerance

G. E. D. Male
Food intolerance, Abdominal pain and discomfort Improvement in food tolerance.

Case 10: T.L. Male 23, Food Intolerance

T. L. Male, 23
Treated with cimetidine and sulcrate
Intolerant to dietary fibre and fried foods
3 g per day
> 2 years
Symptoms (no nausea or heaving) much improved, now able to tolerate high-fiber foods.

Case 8: T.G. Male 68, Food intolerance

T. G. Male, 68
Chronic constipation and food intolerance
3 g per day
Tolerance for foods improved.

Case 12: S.C. Female 45, Food Intolerance

S. C. Female, 45
Food intolerance, Gluten sensitivity
3 g per day
>3 months
Reduction in food intolerance
Able to eat a wider variety of foods without symptoms.

Case 3: A.B. Male 62, Upper GI Symptoms

A.B. Male, 62
Upper GI discomfort due to ASA 325 OD
3 – 4 grams per day
4 months Relief of GI discomfort